Behind the Scenes of the Slippery, Raw and Spicy Episode

Written by Liz Nead.

Check out what happened behind the scenes of the Slippery, Raw and Spicy Episode!

From Chef Brandy:

"I was really proud of Lisa for being so adventurous with the different spices that I used. Forbrandysomeone who said she does everything to avoid any kind of spice, she really went for it! And I think she was pleasantly surprised that by adding things like the sweetness of the pineapple, or the cooling effects of the yogurt, that food with spices can actually quite enjoyable! Well done, Lisa!"



From Guest Lisa:

When Liz asked me to take on this dare, I really was a combination of nervous and excited.  As I continued on with the variety of foods and textures, I wasn't quite sure what I got myself into. lisabehindthescenesI thought I was going to lose it when it came time to sample the oysters.  When I learned how they soaked the "ick" out of them, I was thinking 'what the heck is the "ick" that gets into the oysters- wait, don't tell me.'  I loved learning more about the raw food lifestyle.  I wonder if my kids would think I've gone mad if I tried to serve them a pasta with no noodles in it?  I'm going to have to try it.  And, the spicy Indian dish.  HOT is the only word to describe it.  I will say this:  the yogurt inspired side dish really worked and I was ready for more. Not sure I'm going to make a trip to India any time soon, though.

I loved Liz and the crew:  it was fun to put a microphone up my shirt- with help!

From Chef Sheree:

I had never met Lisa before she came to my home for the Life Dare challenge, so I confess I was a little nervous. What if she hated what I served up?  “The camera doesn’t lie” (and I knewsheree Liz would never allow a do-over!). Well, now that we’re done there are a few things I would do differently…but they mostly involve having more food and more wine!

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